Punta del Este, Uruguay

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Months have passed from the last time I wrote on this blog, and with good reason. Our travels through South America have had great ups and downs, with little time in between to dedicate time to writing about an experience, particularly in the midst of a new one.

We left our home New Zealand, almost 6 months ago in August 2017. We have encountered Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina again, and now we are in Chile; Bolivia, Peru, the USA, and Canada still await our arrival.

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Originally I was writing to be chronological in the order of our travels, yet the moments that are the most exciting, challenging, culturally educating, or just a generally memorable time, are the things I am most inspired to commit to text.

So over the next few months I will take some time now and then to share an experience or two on here.

To begin, I’ll leave you with these few images within this post from our time in Punta del Este, a coastal city situated on a peninsular in Uruguay, which attracts those of an affluent status from Brazil, Argentina, and around the world.

Punta del Este-3.jpg

It also attracted Anthony and I, who paid only NZD $19 per night at the home of a young Uruguayan dental surgeon, Nacho, who had previously lived in New Zealand for a year. On our arrival we were welcomed with a delicious home-cooked meal of fish and roast vegetables. This was a warm place to stay, after two weeks of a pretty rough time at a volunteering position in the remote town of Aigua. 

His apartment was beautiful, located within the heart of the city, and only a few minutes walk to either side of the peninsular. It was refreshing to be so close to the sea again, and have this as our last destination in Uruguay before we started our journey into Brazil. We arrived just before the peak season began, so we enjoyed short queues for gelato, peaceful seaside walks, a relaxed atmosphere, plus these locals below.

2017 Round Up - Punta del Este-4.jpg

Swing by my blog now and then to see if I have had a moment to share a thought or an experience on here.