La Plata, Argentina

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An hour south of Buenos Aires city, along the coast of the Rio de la Plata, is a small city called La Plata. The capitol of the Buenos Aires province, it is a 'planned' city with distinctive avenues in a diagonal layout, with the above neo-Gothic Cathedral of La Plata at its centre. Within a day, you can walk many of the streets surrounding the inner-city, which is a hub for universities.

The day we spent here was peaceful and relaxed. We arrived by bus, and began our time in front of the cathedral, sat on the dead-centre of the city, marked by a large, square block of concrete, gazing upon this incredible building.

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We grabbed lunch in a classic US-themed diner/burger joint, with all of the necessary paraphernalia; a juke-box, antique Coca Cola memorabilia, pin-up imagery, and a kitsch colour palette; 60's music completed the atmosphere.

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Afterwards, we sought out the UNESCO World Heritage Curutchet House, designed by the architect Le Corbusier.


Within the house are his 'Five Points of Modern Architecture': Pylons, the Roof Terrace, a Free Plan (the house's weight is distributed over reinforced concrete columns or steel, so that interior walls can be placed anywhere, or removed), a Ribbon Window (the walls do not bear the weight of the building, so windows can wrap around the house), and the Free Facade (as will the ribbon window, the exterior facade can be much lighter, or made entirely of glass).


The natural light within this house was beautiful, and its curved walls created a perfect canvas for us to practice some portrait photography.

It was a bit eerie walking through someone's empty home, just the two of us, and it took a moment to feel comfortable opening doors to different areas of the building so we could explore further. The decor was simple, with a mid-century aesthetic, and although built in 1948 it is as relevant today as it was then; the ebb and flow of trends is a curious event.

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Our day was completed with a dulce de leche thick-shake, and a second-hand bookstore stop, before jumping on the next bus back to Buenos Aires. 

If you visit the Buenos Aires district, a day-trip to La Plata is highly recommended by us! It is peaceful, has a wonderful character, and there are plenty of locations to seek out and explore.

Images by myself and Anthony Barton

Alanna Watchman