Buenos Dias

Apartment 1

Yesterday morning, my partner Anthony and I awoke to natural light pooling in the kitchen of our Buenos Aires accommodation, which stirred us from our sleep. 6am.

Our twelve-hour flight the night previous from New Zealand was calm, and our arrival to Argentina was uneventful - immigration and customs were relaxed compared to other countries', and our Uber arrived swiftly. In a short time, we were unpacking our luggage in a new city, and venturing out to order take-out pizza at 9:30pm - I time we have quickly discovered is peak hour for dining out.

This light-rich apartment is in an area called Colegiales, a few blocks from the large cemetery, Cementerio de la Chacarita, and most places of interest are within a 90-minute walk. The streets and side-alleyways here are curious and time passes by quickly while taking the back-streets to a destination.

San Telmo

Markets are abundant in many areas of this city, and within 48hours of arrival, we had experienced two  - Parque Los Andes market, and the more famous Feria de San Telmo. I have read a few articles about the markets in Argentina, in particular, the Argentine trait of not throwing anything away, which makes for excellent second-hand shopping. The 36 litre backpacks we will be carrying through other South American countries definitely limits our purchases, and simmers the urge to buy every curiosity that grabs my attention - a great money-saver!


Our grasp of the Spanish language is minimal to poor, so every day we are attempting to broaden our vocabulary beyond hello's and how-are-you?'s with daily, self-directed language lessons. It has made for a few situations which have felt uncomfortable, yet this discomfort is inspiration to build on the language more. I can be an anxious traveller, especially in a scenario where I feel out of place, so learning to sit with this discomfort is essential to growth.

Buenos Aires is beautiful, abundant with character, inhabited by loving people, and is full of lively energy. We have ahead of us a further two weeks, and with so many wonderful galleries and museums to explore, food to experience, and people to encounter, it will be a city I already know we will reflect on with only warm hearts.