Canelones, Uruguay

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Five weeks have passed from the time I last wrote on here, and for good reasons; Anthony and I have been focusing our time on getting to know the rural side of Uruguay, and connecting with some of its equally wonderful locals.

Currently I am writing this from Porto Alegre (Brazil), where we arrived four days ago. There are plenty of photos and stories that we have collected over our travels so far leading up to our arrival here, and I am excited to share on here, in due time.

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Through an online volunteering platform called WorkAway, we have an incredibly unique opportunity to exchange our time and energy for accommodation and food, on various farms through South America (and beyond one day, I’m sure).

Our first volunteering job saw us retreating to the wine region of Canelones, Uruguay, where we stayed at the most beautiful rural, boutique lodge ‘Chacrita del Sur’, with lovely Sole, Fede, and their affectionate dogs, Bruno, Kia, Dakota (Dak), and Renee (plus two others on Fede’s property, Luna and Marlee - unfortunately Luna has since passed away).

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Chacrita del Sur was our home for five invigorating weeks, and each day was unique to the one previous. Our connection with Sole, her property, and her animals, was like family, and we were well nourished by her delicious home cooking, warm spirit, and openness. The work was a balance of challenging, physical labour, and relaxed chores. The range of projects and jobs needing to be done on a farm is substantial and constant, and it makes sense to need a few extra hands around the place to keep it ticking!

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Keep tuned for more information of what our time here involved, and the incredible moments that we cherish.

Alanna Watchman