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Alanna Josie Watchman is a New Zealand textile artist and designer.

Alanna spent her childhood surrounded by farmland in the Akatawara Ranges, a short drive inland from the coastal town of Waikanae; at the age of ten her family moved north to a larger port/beach city, Tauranga, in the Bay of Plenty.

Creating pieces through painting, drawing, and meticulous hours of ruling lines, her artwork hosts a conversation between simplicity and intricacy.

Studies of shape, symmetry, and pattern make up the body of work which is often inspired by the vacant building lots, left in limbo between old and new.


Alanna embraces a range of mediums to translate her thoughts and ideas, including embroidery, ceramics, painting, and writing.

For commissions, collaborations, photographic prints, or inquiries, please do not hesitate to drop me her email!

Instagram: @alannajosietextiles

Above images by Anthony Barton @halfyearsun